Interesting sites

The Linen Museum in Kortrijk
According to the connoisseurs, this is the most important and most successful museum dedicated to linen.

The book "Flax in Flanders throughout the centuries"
This book is a passionate story about the growing of flax and explains vividly why Flanders became so well known worldwide, thanks to this amazing plant. The book can be ordered by filling in our contact form.

Belgian Flax Fibre Association
This association called A.B.V. (Algemeen Belgisch Vlasverbond) and based in Kortrijk, is representing all the farmers, fibre-producers and merchants which are dealing with flax. Particularity: the association is publishing "Vlasberichten", the only newspaper dedicated to flax!

Terre de lin
One of the main European flax co-operatives.

Claessens NV

Museeuwbikes - the flax fibre-carbon hybrid bicycle

Van de Bilt zaden en vlas BV

Vlasbedrijf Mommerency Gebrs.




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