Hamilton Adams - Decorative Fabrics

He was born in 1908 into  the large family of a Protestant "small holder" in northern Ireland. His native intelligence and uncommon drive led him to embark on a business career, begun in the warehouse of the local linen weaving mill.

In the late 1930s, Hamilton Adams arrived in New York City to establish
a subsidiary sales office for the firm. Here he met and married Miss Charlotte Brown, and quickly established the new venture. Just as he was setting into successful management, however, a larger duty called. With the mobilization for World War II, Hamilton volunteered for the U.S. Army.

Returning home after the War, eager to reestablish his chosen career, he
founded Hamilton Adams Imports Linen Ltd., with himself as owner and

Around the mid-1950s, the market for linen apparel suffered a setback, so Mr. Adams created the home furnishings division with the new qualities supplied predominantly by Belgian mills. As the new home furnishings division grew dramatically, the company enjoyed a decade of resounding success.

Tragedy struck in 1964 when Hamilton Adams became suddenly ill and passed away at the untimely age of 56. His widow Charlotte sold the firm and new owners installed Mr. Harry Banks, whom had for years worked closely with Hamilton Adams, as president.
Libeco bought Hamilton Adams in 1996 and we proudly used the name for many years. Although none of us here at Libeco had the chance to know Hamilton Adams, many of us worked with his successor Harry Banks - we speak of him often and the great passion he had for linen.  We no longer use the Hamilton Adams name, but it is certainly not forgotten.  We now sell all of our products under the Libeco name, a necessary corporate decision, however, HA remains very important to us and always will.

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