CO2-neutral mill

A sustainable policy has always been part of Libeco's mission. Sustainability has become even more important in recent years, which is why Libeco has chosen to pursue an even more active policy. One result of this has been the CO2-neutral label awarded to us in 2014. 

In 2011, Libeco launched a partnership with CO2 consultancy CO2logic. After measuring emissions, CO2logic and Libeco drafted an integrated ecological plan to reduce emissions by one thirdover a period of two years. Green electricity, LED lighting, solar panels, a more environmentally friendly car fleet and optimization of waste processing are just a few of the measures that were implemented. 

Emissions that cannot be reduced in the short term are offset annually by supporting an international climate project in Uganda that manufactures energy-efficient cookers for local people. Each device reduces CO2 emissions by 1.4 tons per year, reduces local deforestation and improves the health of the local population.


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